Todd Selva - Owner

Todd Selva is a Strength & Conditioning specialist. Todd also has a background in several martial arts disciplines. He has worked with pro and amateur mixed martial artists, wrestlers, power lifters, crossfitters, children, baseball, football, and hockey players. The list goes on and on. Todd's approach to coaching makes him a very unique trainer. Todd shares his knowledge and experiences with his members in a way that is productive, educational, and motivational. After a day or two in Todd's program, you feel like a family member. There is so much support in his groups that I have to force myself to take a rest day. We love the programs, the people, and the impact that his fitness community has had on our lives.

Jeslyn Sayers - Coach

Jeslyn has made an amazing transformation through fitness and nutrition.  Her work ethic alone is nothing short of amazing.  Jeslyn enjoys fitness of any kind.  From full body calisthetics to weight training to fitness kickboxing, Jeslyn is always up for a challenge which makes her an ideal member of the MVP team.  Jeslyn is certified in group functional fitness instruction and is looking to pursue her strength & conditioning certification.  Jeslyn motivates and encourages the members in a way that we just love at MVP.  We are honored to have her as part of the team.

Mike Whitehouse - Coach

Mike has been hooked on fitness since his first workout! Mike has been a trainer for over 30 years and focuses on functional fitness, weight training, and athlete training.  Mike is a very motivational person to have at MVP.  He motivates our members in a way that is very pleasing to see.  Mike's work ethic is next to none and it shows!

Kristin Burke - Coach

Kristin’s fitness journey began at the age of 2 when her parents put her on cross-country skis. She skied competitively through high school and over time became hooked on other forms of high intensity exercise. She developed a passion for boxing due to the physical and mental demands the sport requires. She still loves to hit the bag, but also enjoys High Intensity Interval Training as well as Strength Training. Kristin is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and has experience teaching group fitness, boxing and one on one training. She is passionate about overall health, wellness & nutrition and loves to motivate others to overcome obstacles and meet their goals.


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